Masterclass: The Purpose-Based Library - How to succeed in a world of Google, Amazon and Netflix (København)

Hvis bibliotekerne vil overleve, skal de ikke blot kunne konkurrere med virksomheder som Google, Amazon og Netflix, men også være i stand til adskille sig fuldstændig fra dem. Mød John Huber, amerikansk bibliotekskonsulent, forfatter og foredragsholder, som i denne Masterclass præsenterer og diskuterer sine visioner for bibliotekernes fremtid.

If libraries want to survive, they must not only effectively compete with companies such as Google, Amazon and Netflix but they must competitively differentiate themselves as well. Meet John Huber, American Library consultant, engineer, inventor, author and international speaker who will join us to present and discuss his vision for the future of libraries.

Every question answered with one search. Every movie or book downloaded or delivered to your home with one click. What can libraries offer in this world of Google, Amazon and Netflix? How can libraries not only survive this world-class competition but succeed and grow?

In this Masterclass Mr. John Huber will address this question by presenting and discussing the following topics:

  • Understanding the Service Paradoxes libraries face today.
  • Learn how to embrace your competitive advantage over Google, Amazon and Netflix.
  • Learn how to leverage this competitive advantage to not only survive but to grow.
  • Learn how to define, measure and market the true value of libraries.

The Purpose Based Library, Finding Your Path to Survival, Success and GrowthJoin us to explore the premises behind the book, The Purpose-Based Library:

  • Survival depends on quicker, faster, better lean core services.
  • Success depends on community/library partnerships and value-added metrics.
  • Growth depends on libraries communicating, reflecting and pursuing their true purpose.

Mr. John Huber will cover the key ideas in this popular title and present how to put these ideas into action. As a bonus, John will share a few tools of his trade including, how to streamline your libraries service delivery chains, tips to manage change, how to tap into your natural creativity and how to improve your team communications.

John HuberYou will meet John Huber, author, international speaker and Lean Library Consultant. After assisting over 100 manufacturing, distribution retail organizations dramatically improve their service and cost performance, Mr. Huber turned his attention to the Library world. This partnership has been impactful. Due to Mr. Huber’s leadership, libraries have established and met heretofore-unexpected new levels of service and cost performance.

Mr. John Huber is the author of these popularly received books, Lean Library Management, Eleven Strategies for Reducing Costs and Improving Services” (ALA Neal-Schuman, 2011) and The Purpose Based Library, Finding Your Path to Survival, Success and Growth” (ALA Neal-Schuman, 2015). Discover more by visiting J. Huber & Associates website:

Mr. Huber has a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and management from Oklahoma State University and holds three U.S. patents. He can be reached at

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Masterclass: The Purpose-Based Library - How to succeed in a world of Google, Amazon and Netflix (København)
29. marts 2019
Kl. 13.00 - 16.00
Lindevangs Allé 2
2000 Frederiksberg
BF-Medlem: Gratis
Ikke-medlem: 995,00
20. marts 2019

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