Masterclass: From Service Provision to Community Engagement : Recent Shifts in Libraries and Information Organizations

Libraries continue to transform at a rapid pace, as evident in innovative developments and projects in both Denmark and North America. This Masterclass will encourage the audience to ponder the changing roles of library and information science (LIS) professionals, as libraries and other information organizations transition from service provision to community engagements and from information gatekeepers to community hubs.

Masterclass: From Service Provision to Community Engagement : Recent Shifts in Libraries and Information Organizations

Although discussed most frequently, rapid technological advances are not the only factors reshaping the physical and professional landscape of libraries, information organizations, and professional education. As library users become more informed, technologically savvy, virtually connected, and diverse, so grow user expectations that libraries go beyond service provision toward more encompassing and creative community engagement. This, in turn, increases the imperative of interdisciplinarity, systems thinking, and community mindedness in a toolkit of library and information science (LIS) professionals and LIS students.

Many of these trends are evident in the current library practices in both Denmark and North America; however, more can be done to improve the qualifications of LIS professionals for effective and impactful community engagement.

Focusing on select areas of LIS practice, this Masterclass will outline the salient issues and offer an interactive engagement session related to the following:

Library as a community hub:

  • citizenship programming for minority communities;
  • human libraries;
  • outreach to underprivileged groups;
  • systems thinking in service design and delivery;
  • the value of interdisciplinarity and creativity in library innovation and LIS education.

Reading work in libraries as an example of community engagement:

  • from readers’ advisory to reading partnership;
  • focusing on readers, not on booklists;
  • harnessing the power of virtual reading communities;
  • why it’s important to reach non-readers;
  • creative ways to promote reading and well-being;
  • bibliotherapy;
  • inclusive libraries – accessible library materials;
  • reading imaginative literature in academic libraries.

Dr. Keren DaliYou will meet: Dr. Keren Dali, an award-winning LIS educator, prolific author, and inspirational speaker from Canada. Dr. Dali has taught graduate school in both Canada and the U.S. and serves as a principal consultant for D2H2 Consulting in Toronto, Canada. She is an author/co-author of over 50 publications in LIS, including ‘Contemporary World Fiction: A Guide to Literature in Translation’, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of ‘The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion’. For more information, see: and

Oplæg og diskussion er på engelsk.

Vi serverer kaffe/te fra kl. 15.30, hvorefter selve arrangementet går i gang kl. 16.00. Undervejs bliver der også serveret en sandwich.

Målgruppe: Alle interesserede er velkomne.

Deltagergebyr: Det er gratis at deltage.

Arrangør: Denne Masterclass er arrangeret af Bibliotekarforbundet og Institut for Informationsstudier under Københavns Universitet i samarbejde med Læsekompasset.

Masterclass: From Service Provision to Community Engagement : Recent Shifts in Libraries and Information Organizations
5. marts 2019
Kl. 16.00 - 19.00
Institut for Informationsstudier (INF):
Søndre Campus, bygn. 4
Njalsgade 76
2300 København S
BF-Medlem: Gratis
Ikke-medlem: Gratis
28. februar 2019

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